Tidal Magizine Cover Shoot Ft. Laura Dern

TIDAL is a biannual print magazine focusing on fashion, lifestyle, and culture that pairs East Coast sensibilities with a laid-back West Coast vibe. You can turn every page and see something beautiful: fashion that’s approachable, entertaining stories that are fun and inviting, and celebrity profiles that make you feel like you’re getting to know a new friend. For issue 10, TIDAL chose Beyond Studios as the perfect location for their cover shoot with celebrity talent, Laura Dern..  Beyond Studios NYC's unique and private green room is the perfect place to hold celebrity talent. The 12ft rollgate provided direct valuable access for the large set pieces and prop styling for the shoot.  The extra large staging area allowed the photo team to build multiple sets at once and keep Laura Dern moving.


Photographer: Tiffany, @tdnphoto
Stylist: Alison, @alison.lewis
Hair: Ryan, @ryantrygstadhair
Makeup: @gitabass
Nails: Angle, @angelnailsit
Set design: Lauren, @laurenelizabethbahr
Producers: @taraynsanders + @sofakingvintage
Casting: Muzam, @muzamagha
Writer: Remy, @remeez
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