Oops! by Petra Collins for CR Fashion Book

As a photographer, an artist, a director, a model, and a Gucci muse, you might say that Petra Collins inhabits more roles than most. But the biggest difference between her and her peers, is the fact that she's leading a new wave of feminism that’s sweeping through Generation Z. This is most evident in her photography, which centers around the recurring themes of all that young womanhood entails: crushes, best friends, first loves, body hair, pimples, and all. Photographing multiple models for CR Fashion Book, Petra Collins takes advantage of Beyond Studios NYC full turn CYC.

Petra Collins - Photographer

Ron Hartleben - Fashion Editor/Stylist

David Colvin - Hair Stylist

Frankie Boyd - Makeup Artist

Rica Romain - Manicurist

Lauren Nikrooz - Prop Stylist

Aiden Curtiss - Model

Hunter Schafer - Model

More about Petra Collins can be found here.

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