Joel Embiid Pranks Fans By Making Them Lie For Him

Philadelphia 76ers star Joel Embiid plays a prank on fans at Beyond Studios NYC by having them cover for him as he pretends to hide from his crazy agent. After surprising them on set, Joel asks his fans to lie for him as he hides behind the set (inside our U shaped Cyc wall). Using our full Brooklyn drive in studio for the pranks, hidden cameras were placed in almost every room. When his fake agent–played by an actor–comes out looking for him, the fans have to decide whether they will cover for the star center or whether they will snitch on him. Beyond Studios NYC features a dedicated green room and hair and make up room which were needed to stage actors and crew so the fans wouldn't know they were being pranked.

Trick Play is DraftKings viral prank series that highlights star athlete's mischievous sides, bringing fans closer to the game and the athletes they love than they ever thought possible!   For more from DraftKings and your favorite athletes, check out the channel's greatest hits: For more video from DraftKings, visit the site:

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