Jeff Wan - Fall Campaign at Beyond Studios

Jeff Wan is an American luxury fashion company established in 2018.

Made for the urban minimalist, and animated with the colors and culture of Mauritius, their line of small leather goods and handbags celebrates ultra-premium design at its most transportive. On an individual level, each of their pieces works to tell a unique story in which the ordinary becomes anything but. From their premium gym bag, reimagined lunch box, and everything in between, Jeff Wan brings together imagination and utility in colorful and unexpected ways. The result is an island-hopping collection that feels at home in both Manhattan and the Mascarenes. The debut campaign was shot at Beyond Studios NYC, taking advantage of three different sets including our green room. Beyond Studios NYC was the perfect shooting location because of its unique size; the 3 walled cyc, staging area, and private hair and makeup room allowed 3 sets to be in production at once.

Learn more about the brand at

Photographer: Mark @markosovilj
Production: @beyondproductionhouse @beyondstudios
Stylist: Sam @sambatesstyle
Hair: Niko @nikoweddle
Makeup: Eric @ericvosburg
Models:Chand @chandsmith

Prasad @prasadromijn

Naoumie @naoumie

Tiri @ngonngontiri

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